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Beet Pulp Pellets & Molasses

    Product Detail

    Mediterraneo has grown over the years to become a preferred counterpart to many global and local trading houses. Capitalizing on this success, Mediterraneo has forged a solid relationship with local sugar mills who produce and supply sugar beet pulp pellets and molasses.

    Mediterraneo has transformed itself into the main supplier of Egyptian Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets targeting the feed industries in many countries. Being able to deliver FOB or CIF has allowed Mediterraneo to enhance its position in the market.

    Broad specification of Egyptian Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets is as follows:

    •  Moisture: 12.00 % (Max)
    •  Sucrose: 07.00 % (Max)
    •  Protein (dry): 09.00 % (About)
    •  Pellets diameter: 8-11 mm
    •  Free from molasses

    Specification may vary depending on the mill where the SBPP is sourced.