Making the Unavailable, Available & Accessible


We are proud to have played a progressive leading role in the transformation of the century old traditional commodity market in Egypt, to a market with global trading standards. Today MEDITERRANEO celebrates its position in the Egyptian market and is proud to announce leadership in its industry. We are proud of our success story and having mastered the local market throughout the supply chain while maintaining international standards.


Started as a commodity-trading house, specialized in grains, pulses and softs.
Wheat sourcing & trading & storing for the private sector.
Local distribution of Corn and Soya-bean to the private sector.


Coffee agents in the Egyptian market, trade and distribution


Started Sugar operation due to excellent relationships with sugar mills, mainly through public sector and soon after started local sales


Penetrated the sugar beet pulp for export market as local buyers and sellers mainly to European brokers.


Initiated Molasses export operation as agents


Export of Grains, Favabeans, Lentils, Yellowpeas, Green peas, Chickpeas, Lupins, White beans.


Established main headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.


Horizontal expansion executing most of the functions throughout the supply chain: birth of ALZAEEM & EFFENDEENA Pop-Corn & Fava-Beans brands, with packaging and distribution to retail outlets.


Splitting plant facility for split favabeans brands ALZAEEM & EFFENDEENA through our own extension in El Fayoum.