Making the Unavailable, Available & Accessible



Two decades ago the founders of MEDITERRANEO shared a proud vision.  To play a progressive leading role in the transformation of the century old traditional commodity market in Egypt, to a market with global trading standards. Today MEDITERRANEO celebrates its position in the Egyptian Market and is proud to announce leadership in its industry. We are proud of our success story and having mastered the local market throughout the supply chain while maintaining international standards.



Our mission is to maintain leadership in the market and consistent growth, by capitalizing on our global experience and the advantage of an in-depth and profound understanding of the local demands; through strategic investments expanding our scope of trade and services throughout the supply chain, strengthening our established confident business relationships with the private and public sector.


Our work philosophy is: “Establishing trust is the best long term investment.” This is derived from the deep conviction that every physical trade and service we perform is in essence a transaction between one human being and another, ultimately supplying a necessary need, and without trust, such a transaction would not be possible, without trust necessary needs would not be made available.

Achieving trust is at the core of our values, making our history of ethics in the Egyptian market proof to our internationally branded reputation when it comes to delivering our promise, making us the reliable partner in the Egyptian market. “Mediterraneo’s word is as official as a bank document”


Efficiency is the value that makes us professionals and this is why we do everything possible to make every trade on-time and on-spec after every service has been performed according to the highest expectation.


Teamwork is the key of our dynamic business model. Our people are constantly evolving in order to meet demands that require bridging the gaps between local practice and international standards. Ever since the beginning our ethics has been the source of our code of conduct, making every individual an added value to the team.