Making the Unavailable, Available & Accessible



“In 2014, Medgrains inaugurated its state of the art facility in Fayoum. Having a total Faba Beans processing capacity of 160,000 tons per annum, it is considered the biggest plant of its kind in the country. The plant has 3 lines of production, silo storage and refrigerated storage.

Medgrains produces high quality products for its clients while enforcing world-standard hygiene procedures. Products are free from any exterior contact since entering the facility till reaching final consumer. Having refrigerated storage facilities, Medgrains ensures that goods are well preserved against insect infestation and fungus development. Our goods are also free from any pesticides and preservatives making it completely safe for human consumption.

Our quality and hygiene standards raised the bar in the Egyptian market and placed Medgrains as a pioneer in the sector

To keep our edge cutting quality in the market, Medgrains has placed some of the most advanced color sorting machinery “Sortex” in its plant to prodcuce unrivaled goods in the market. Color Sorting is a technique mainly used in the UK and was introduced to the Egyptian market by Medgrains.

The company is currently building its second plant in Damietta. The Fayoum plant is set to serve Upper Egypt due to its proximity whileDamietta shall serve the Delta Region. In its efforts to become a fully integrated company, Medgrains has also started to build its own fleet of trucks.