Making the Unavailable, Available & Accessible


Making the Unavailable, Available & Accessible

Mediterraneo established itself as one of the major grain , Pulses and other Commodities traders in Egypt over the last two decades . In order to keep up with our Import, Export, local and international trade steady growth; we established our logistics department with a highly skilled professional team powered by 36,000 squared meters warehousing facilities outside Damietta port, and network of fleets that distribute our processed goods to our clients on different scales.

Jointly with our partners in chartering, stevedoring, customs clearing, and inspection; we are providing our company and clients logistical solutions that can secure efficient door to door delivery inside and outside the country. We are setting out our strategic plan to have our facilities inside the ports, and complete our logistical chain that give us full control on our imported and exported goods.


We have a worldwide network of suppliers that allows us to source the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We constantly devise solutions and new forms of payment to overcome the local hurdles and offer our clients advice and guidance, educating them on hedging techniques and the risks inherent in volatile international markets.


Mediterraneo’s logistical network has been developed through the years to serve the market needs. It provides the company with an edge in many aspects when dealing with clients. The company maintains great network with the world’s leading freight operators & brokers serving both our bulk and container businesses


Large portion of the business is done through distribution in the Egyptian markets. Therefore, it was inevitable for the company not to own its own fleet of trucks to serve our market needs. Our capacity in ports and in land will reach 170 KMT in 2016 divided between flat storage, silos and refrigerated warehouses.

Success In The Market

Mediterraneo established itself as one of the major grain traders in Egypt over the last two decades. Our success in gaining market share in the industry was based on our vision and core values materialized by our dedicated team . We have developed logistics capacity to ship via multiple channels. Bulk vessel and containers from multiple ports whilst having control over logistics and quality of
the exported product.